Red Rock Beach Ultimate

Red Rock Beach Ultimate

It was the summer of 1984 …

As a free-style Frisbee player I was at first annoyed by the men and women who suddenly charged through my game, laughing and acting as if they’d been smoking something outrageous. Fortunately, I soon came to my senses and joined in, my first toss being a sizzling hammer to a befuddled teammate who ran back, whining and screaming, “Blue, you can’t throw it that way!”

Well, I could and did relentlessly in the myriad of games to come.

The mover and shaker behind the ultimate games on Red Rock Beach is a cat by the name of Robert Kittredge, aka BK, aka Joy-U, aka world-class golfer, world-class skier, and, most certainly, world-class ultimate player. Playing with BK is always a lesson in what separates the ‘also rans’ from the ‘Joe Montanas’.

BK is a true superstar!

In a given year, plus or minus a hundred ultimate games are played on Red Rock Beach. Players from around the world have ‘suited up’ and experienced Red Rock’s unique version of ultimate. Hugh, the perennial lefty, finding ways to slip the disc through the seam and playing D so tight, well, say no more. Kevin, thumbing wildly under a visor, somehow staying alive. Sport loving but heretofore non-playing Brogan flinging himself to the outer edge, his fiery whips on target. OZ drilling, prancing, and laughing. Nice boy from New York, Andy Morse, going long and scoring. Bob Wall, fresh from his corner, backhanding into the Hall of Fame. Oshen, skinny and no skills, persisting into a Second Coming …

No way could I list all the babes. Far too many. (Far too many!)

One day two Finnish dudes stopped by on their motorcycles, played killer, then headed out only for me to see ’em later in Utsunomiya, Japan, at the ’92 World’s playing for Finland, asking, “Hey Dude, where’s your son?”

Oh yeah …

Sweet Nicky Blue, the Fairfax native who gained local fame hauling in his dada’s hammers before switch-hitting himself to national stardom as a base-stealing, slick-fielding second baseman for the ACC powerhouse, Wake Forest.

Red Rock Beach Ultimate has no peers. Just being the world’s longest running beach-ultimate game in a place like Marin County puts it in a class by itself. But Red Rock being Red Rock tweaks the game to even higher level – The 175-gram Ultra-Star is shunned, opting instead for the more playful 160-gram Sky-Styler; the exasperating screams in an opposing player’s face that perverts most ultimate on the planet have been replaced with laughter; the game is and always has been …


What can I say? That’s Red Rock Beach Ultimate!

Red Rock Beach Ultimate

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